Our honeymoon vacation in Thailand

So, you’re thinking about taking an overseas vacation. You keep hearing good things about South-East Asia, but you can’t decide exactly which one of the many beautiful places you’d like to visit.

My wife and I travelled to Railay Beach, Thailand in September, for our honeymoon vacation. We spent 3 days at the Elephant Stay kraal and the things we did whilst there and the people we met made this the best part of our trip by a long way. Bangkok was amazing, a real head spinner, Phuket was beautiful, but nothing we did in Thailand (or anything we’ve done anywhere else we’ve been for that matter) could match our time. Read More


North Tahoe Hosts 5th Annual Wanderlust Festival

North Lake Tahoe announced today that the Wanderlust Festival, the world’s largest and fastest growing yoga and music festival, will return for a fifth year to the picturesque setting of Squaw Valley Read More


Announcing Beverly Hills Hotel Restoration

“The Beverly Hills Hotel will forever be a timeless fixture in the community,” said Edward A. Mady, regional director, West Coast, USA and general manager.   “We look forward to implementing a restoration which will lovingly highlight the hotel’s ties to the spirit and history of Beverly Hills – and which will provide an effortlessly relaxed new California hotel experience in a one-of-a-kind, legendary setting.  Read More


Terranea Resort Introduces New Beer Garden

Terranea, Los Angeles’ premier oceanfront resort, introduces the addition of Nelson’s Beer Garden and the lineup for the Annual Summer Concert Series. The series began Memorial Day Weekend, and will take place every Friday and Saturday evening from 5–9 p.m. through Labor Day weekend. Read More


Ron Robinson Unveils Beach and Bath Chest for Shutters on the Beach

This summer, Shutters on the Beach introduces a special Beach and Bath Chest, curated by Los Angeles style and retail legend, Ron Robinson. Since 1978, Ron Robinson has been outfitting California’s most fashionable trendsetters from his boutiques in Fred Segal Melrose and Santa Monica. Read More


Universal Studios Hollywood Unleashes Its Summer of Survival Campaign

Universal Studios HollywoodSM defies guests to unlock the beast within as its new campaign, “Summer of Survival,” takes on its two most intense…most explosive…most ferocious…most threatening thrill rides Read More


Travel Tips :: Luxury traveller expert within the making: How to snag the best deals at luxury travel destinations

The modern lifestyle is full of a variety of devices, gadgets and appliances that will make for additional convenience within the performance individuals daily tasks. But the stresses, demands and pressures of our own modern lives also can result in mental and physical burnout a case in point that a vacation is needed. In that case, you should start looking at spa vacation packages.

Consider the size: this really is one thing you need to consider when choosing an extra villa for your holiday. The size could determine the facilities available plus the amenities that you will have the pleasure to savor inside villa. The size might be selected in terms of these aspects and also the number of people who will be residing in the villa during the holiday.

At the time of its foundation, the web page in the town contains an easy inn as well as a bridge along with the initial residents endured numerous years of scarce resources and scanty infrastructure. By 1991, the town counted with 41 permanent residents, increasing to 371 in 2001. The town’s growth in recent years comes about principally so that you can serve the steadily increasing variety of trekkers, climbers, and adventurers that create base in summer time months.

You can certainly see individual turtles by day but by night mass arrivals of the gentle sea creatures arrive to deposit their eggs. The Hawksbill and Green Sea turtles nesting season typically lasts from July to October and peaks in August. The Leatherback turtleAs season overlaps one other turtleAs schedules slightly, running from February to April. For e mail marketing for accommodations stop by Ad4travel.

Relax within the gorgeous infinity pool and observe the grazing elephants, zebra, klipspringers and giraffes 600 feet below, allowing your own team of private unobtrusive staff to cater to both you and your partners every need. From the second you arrive, your housekeeper will greet you with hot towels and champagne, a level of luxury that can remain constant throughout your honeymoon. Allow your butler to create your favourite drinks wherever you’re, even if you’re deep inside the wilderness exploring, plus a chef who has cooked within the worlds best restaurants can establish personalised menus to suit your tastes for any meal. Watch the sun set across Kenya in your hideaway retreat, rejuvenate with unlimited inclusive spa treatments, relax inside the library or spend a captivating evening gazing with the stars using the provided GPS-telescope. The Kenyan bush is definitely an unforgettable hideaway for any honeymooners, completely faraway from crowds and other tourists, with magical views like not one other place on earth.

Due to the growth and development of the tourism industry during these areas, a lot of people have started choosing these areas of the African continent as his or her holiday destination. East African beaches are particularly famous because of their holiday resorts and scenic beauty. Each year many tourists visit East Africa to the sole function of relaxation and enjoyment with their family and friends. Many tourism packages are around for these destinations, that include sets from accommodation to transportation and dining.


Monolithos Castle – A Worth Seeing Site in Rhodes

Choosing a summer vacation in Rhodes is a thing you won’t ever regret. It’s one of the most popular and hottest Greek islands and attracts visitors from all of over the world. Rhodes was where you can the Colossus that has been one of many Seven Ancient Wonders of the World so when you enter the port of Rhodes Town you will see that Rhodes can still take your breath away. Come by The property’s renowned AnaGenisis Spa is exclusive for the island because of its phenomenal equipment and endless listing of therapies and treatments. Offering innovative Thalassotherapy treatments involving pure marine resources, guests may also luxuriate in massage treatments, beauty programs, and packages along with other Spa therapies. Encompassing 2,000 sqm, the Spa’s facilities truly are wondrous affecting the heated seawater pool, underwater jet-massages, hydro massage seats and aqua beds.

Islands like Rhodes also have other attractions together with natural splendor as well as a welcoming climate. The history that has seen Rhodes attract a myriad of rulers in the ancient past has left a legacy of architecture, tradition and culture providing you with a lot of interesting places and events for people to enjoy during their visits.

Generally, Kiotari is a contemporary tourist destination which has a beautiful land stretched due to the sandy beach. Your Rhodes holidays with the fam, couples or children will be more enjoyable because peaceful sea here. You can also enjoy taking pleasures of swimming only at that wonderful beach. Similarly, you can have sun bath at its neat and clean water, enjoy walk around the golden sands and being served traditional dishes at restaurants.

a. Beware of the belief that Rhodes is really a sunny Island and sunburn can be a big problem there, which means you should take precautionary measures. In this respect, sun blocks in addition to insect repellents are the best choices to counter any mozzie problem. The time between 12 and 4 may be the hottest duration of the afternoon that will fit while using local midday sleep. Moreover, Shorts and Bikinis are the most useful various the area.
b. You will find the island quite dry throughout the summer seasons and infrequently in addition, it affects nearby forests. So, you’re suggested not to smoke when you are out or about.
c. Although you can drink water of the island because it is safe for life but to get on safe side it is advisable to drink bottled water.


Canary Islands in Spain – A Place of Stunning Beauty

“Canarias” is the Spanish reputation for an archipelago composed by seven islands, most called the “The fortunate islands” ( El hierro, La Gomera, La Palma, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote). These islands originally volcanic are located around the northwest of ??frica, opposite Morocco and it has a subtropical climate because of its proximity to this particular country. There is 1 hour of difference between Spain along with the Canary Islands ( one hour less).

The town, La Laguna is found in the north of Tenerife Island and is also at a distance of 9 KM through the city Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its altitude above sea level is 546 M as well as human population is about 135,000. This historic lively university town was the 1st large settlement of Tenerife and was its capital for over two centuries. This town continues to be the religious, cultural and learning center of Tenerife in spite of the belief that select more the administrative centre. The central part remains the demonstration of Canarian architecture.

1. Ocean Park – is amongst the smallest water parks in Gran Canaria. The water park covers more than 25,000 square meters and it offers over a dozen unique slides for the visitors. Beside the slides there’s a various swimming pools available to the visitors. This water park is well reachable with regular bus lines from all of over the island.

The remaining islands differ from the remaining, the humid winds shower these with rainfall with greater frequency thereby they provide much greener landscapes. Their coastlines are less conducive to beaches nevertheless the interiors offer spectacular sceneries. The National Parks of La Caldera de Taburiente inside the green island of la Palma and Garajonay within the small island of La Gomera display rare subtropical forests among volcanic landscapes. La Gomera stands apart due to the laurel forest, its distinctive horizontal rain along with the peculiar language of whistles of the company’s inhabitants. Surely anyone who dares go to the westernmost and smallest of the islands, el Hierro, will rejoice in traversing to a remote location where time appears to stand still. Check-out Eden Apartments Puerto Rico Gran Canaria for bargain-priced Puerto Rico Gran Canaria apartments for rent. Complex carbohydrates, found mainly in whole grains, vegetables, nuts and legumes, are known to improve mood, reduce appetite, balance glucose levels, and drive back coronary disease. Foods containing complex carbs can have a positive relation to depression, cancer, diabetes, and digestive problems. Brown rice and also other complex carbohydrates are mood foods, explains Dr. Richard Wurtman, a scientist in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Wurtman has studied the role of carbohydrates for three decades and it has discovered that they play an important function in governing the mood-elevating neurotransmitter, serotonin. Low serotonin levels happen to be linked to depression, anxiety, as well as some other psychological ailments.


Benidorm Nightlife

Benidorm resort and tourists are already satirized by the TV program based in the UK yet it’s a favorite travel spot for a reason. Based in the Alicante providence of Spain, Benidorm is around the western Mediterranean Sea and it is a Valencian coastal town. Benidorm hasn’t always been the tourist spot it’s today and what food was in fact a quiet coastal fishing village before the 1960’s but will be the fifth most populated city in the region. Click Buenavista Apartments Benidorm for bargain-priced Benidorm residences.

Typically known for fun entertainment and nightlife, there are numerous activities around Benidorm. In the day you can visit carnivals for example the Terra Mitica Fun Park, which is the largest in Europe and has many themed rides, or Aqualandia in case you prefer water based fun on their own slides along with their pools.

Now, Spain are a wide country, and you can easily wander away. If you are using the trip in summer and even spend some time sipping mojitos and sun bathing then Benidorm is just the place for you. Once a small village, Benidorm has become recognized for the hotels and resorts. It is viewed as probably the most popular place in Costa Blanca. But, beaches are not the only attraction in Benidorm. While in Banidorm, coming to the two astounding carnivals Terra Mitica and Terra Natura is a must. It is in Terra Mitica, you will have the chance take a step back over time and whiteness a number of the ancient cultures around the globe.

In Benidorm, the sun’s rays are at its hottest throughout the summertime, with temperatures rarely falling below 28AC. Winters are usually very mild with averages hovering around 15AC-18AC. All this makes Benidorm weather a great year-round attraction and that means you should keep your Spanish apartments to rent plus your rental-car in Benidorm Spain comes with air-conditioning.

Although the winters in northeast Ohio can bring heavy snows and freezing temperatures, the spring, summer and autumn months are a great, temperate time and energy to bring everyone in your house to visit. The county?s largest city is Lorain, that is a famous port location that sits for the lake and is also known worldwide as “The International City” because of its many multicultural events and influences.


Romantic Island in the Sun – Cyprus

Cyprus will be the third largest island inside Mediterranean, situated 60km south of Turkey and 300km north of Egypt. It has two mountain ranges – the Pentadaktylos range over the north coast and the Troodos massif within the central and south-western parts of the island. Between the 2 ranges lies the plain of Messaoria. Climate is Mediterranean – hot, dry summers and changeable winters. For more information pay a visit to In Kyrenia, you’ll find Kyrenia Harbour, a traditional harbour that overlooks just about the most tranquil and gorgeous oceans. The sea front of Kyrenia Harbour is an excellent location for relaxing. The whitewashed buildings along with the brightly coloured boats supply a nice sight to take pleasure from with lunch or just relaxing with a great cup of joe. The town is fairly quiet in daytime, but through the evening, you can find that Kyrenia comes alive as the taverns open along with the restaurants reveal live musicians.

You particularly have high odds of finding undervalued items of real estate in North Cyprus if you’re searching for North Cyprus villas to purchase. A lot of sellers of North Cyprus villas count upon themselves as opposed to expert estimation. A few of those vendors have possessed assets for some time of energy, and they also don’t perform a thorough cost inspection for the valuation on their house before they put it up for sale. Owning to the, finding North Cyprus villas for way less than is rather simple to realize.

Other beaches worth visiting during holidays in Paphos may vary from your more tranquil and isolated to popular sandy stretches that buzz with a selection of sporting and leisure activities, including boating, parasailing and snorkeling. For peace, quiet and utter charm, Lara Bay is a remote yet beautiful area that features a wonderfully serene beach and several outstanding scenery. It is also certainly one of only some places in the whole Mediterranean where loggerhead and greenback turtles lay their eggs about the beach. Other rare varieties of wildlife add the Mediterranean monk seal, whilst the entire locality is peppered with beautiful beaches of pristine clear water. By far the most interesting method of accessing Lara Bay is to take a boat excursion from Paphos.

Property in Cyprus continues to be relatively cheap compared with a number of the more affluent elements of Europe this also causes it to be less costly than you could initially imagine. You can still pick-up a brand new apartment with all of mod cons as well as a communal pool area approximately ?70k British pounds! When you compare by using the cost of an apartment in the U.K these are still areal bargain. There is a lot more for it than that though since the cost of living inn Cyprus is additionally dramatically reduced than The U.K. too.


Top 10 Destinations for Medical Tourism

There are so many beautiful destinations in the world, and everyone who loves traveling be interested in as much of it as being possible. In the past few years, driving the area of Borneo became so well received it attracts many people worldwide. This beautiful island, split up into Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia, is known for its untouched nature which makes it resemble a paradise. There are numerous top reasons to visit Borneo, or at least, a part of it. Simply said, you can actually see items you can’t ever see somewhere else. Borneo is to try and will get peaceful nature on one hand and modern cities in the opposite side, rendering it great for everyone. Try Before you go: Before touring Turkey, be sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months away from stay. A visa is needed for US citizens, that may be obtained on arrival at the airport or border post for a fee. This tourist visa allows a stay for about 3 months in Turkey. The fee should be purchased in difficult currency cash; euros, Japanese yen, UK pounds, or US dollars are acceptable. Read More